Privacy Policy

This clause explains to users how to collect and store the information used by the Shumua Al-Amal for Special Education and Rehabilitation, the "Privacy Policy" should be read in conjunction with the rest of the terms and conditions.

All data provided to the Shumua Al-Amal upon entering the users is collected and stored by the Shumua Al-Amal, and information that is necessary to carry out our activities, which is required by laws in KSA and regulations, will be collected.

The information collected may be used for the following reasons:

       To avoid misuse of comments and ratings.

       To ensure that the application can be accessed by users.

       To respond to your inquiries and users support.

       To manage surveys, promotions, or contests.

       To adapt the information, you receive from our application.

       To conduct statistics on our application, and other services analysis.

       To contact you by E-mail and Phone to give you the services you may need as per terms and conditions.

       To improve and maintain the application and develop products.


The users may contact Shumua Al-Amal for Special Education and Rehabilitation, to request access to any of the information that we keep about them, and they may request a change if they deem it inaccurate, or request to cancel the subscription and remove their data from the application.

Shumua Al-Amal may be required to disclose your personal information if it is a statutory requirement for an official, or if Shumua Al-Amal receives a request from official authorities or regulatory authorities in compliance with law-and-order enforcement authorities.

Shumua Al-Amal may also keep the users' database even after they have unsubscribed.

Shumua Al-Amal processes the personal data of users by the privacy-related regulations detailed in the "Privacy Policy".